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Coverage of Our Rally
- State employees, teachers rally to improve health insurance choices
(Cherokee Tribune)
Teachers and state retirees rally for better health coverage (AJC)
Critics of state health plan take rally to the Capitol (GA Health News)
Teacher anger directed at Gov. Deal (11 Alive)

August 19, 2014 -- 2015 SHBP Options Still Not
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By now, many of you have seen the video in a separate post where Dick Williams, a Political
strategist sympathetic to Deal says in this video "teachers have a real beef" and that the 2014
health care plan was a "mistake!" (Of course, he blames a Deal staffer... really?)

But then Phil Kent (a Deal appointee) goes on to ask if teachers are "happy" with the new plans,
and says it was a mistake, but that it had been "corrected!"

Let's let the Georgia Gang know exactly how "happy" we are with our 2015 insurance rates!
Please email Phil Kent, Jeff Dickerson, and the Georgia Gang emails (see below). Be polite and
courteous, but let them know that these rates and deductibles are unaffordable for Georgia's
Teachers, State Employees, and Retirees!

Phil Kent - philkent@philkent.com
Jeff Dickerson - jeff@dickerson-communications.com
The Georgia Gang - georgiagang@myfoxatlanta.com

For those who haven't seen it, here is the video:
Teachers Rally to Advocate for
Georgia Insurance Choices